World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade – Launching Video 2

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20 Responses to World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade – Launching Video 2

  1. insurrection insur says:

    1:33 sadly something we don't have in current wow anymore. LEGACY SERVERS NEED TO HAPPEN

  2. chaosdream1 says:

    woahh it was even this big at that time.

  3. DementioGames says:

    Social Part!! i miss it :(

  4. Newkie YTPg says:

    Ahhh.. games.. bringing people together, it's beautiful!

  5. Legenday Fred Dizzle says:

    I wanna play wow with that Fine ass blonde or me and her can play with each other

  6. Flatbaby says:

    Thumbs up if you are still playing WOW TBC 😀

  7. Ahmer Imam says:

    this video just makes me so happy inside, look at all the enthusiasm.

    now i doubt there is ever this much enthusiasm at the releases

  8. mcsofty says:

    I remember getting this game and SPRINTING home to play it.

  9. Primal says:

    This video made me sad…:-( Because wow was so good before….the hype…everything. Who plays wow today as in this video?:-( Bring back old wow!

  10. FBicoolshaman says:

    What happen to wow

  11. Orcfood says:

    This is the most epic expansion! Even in our country there was a report in the evening news.

  12. TeamHuntingRyko says:

    i am half german and lived in germany 14 and i agree… i always try to tell people how germany is and i use the word ''boring'' not because there are no activities… no THE PEOPLE are boring… no sense of humor…cold…always seem to be unhappy and bored… pisses me off…. one time i started dancing in class just for fun of life and they called me crazy and not as a joke…. germans are just so fucking ARGH!!! -.-

  13. gamereaktor95 says:

    I miss The burning cruasde… thumbs up if u do 2… 🙂

  14. Imperator Amir says:

    how can you sway those people have no lives or are sad? look at them : they enjoy themselves. that is what life is about, enjoying.
    i would rather enjoy myself doing what i like more then hating on others for doing what they like.

  15. Ilya Vorobiev says:

    hahahaha 1:30 oh yeeeah boy :>

  16. TheBanned0ne says:

    this made my day xD

  17. SuperCommentwhore says:

    @Fanatical201 ur right 😛 just happens to gaming that im nerd at xxD

  18. Cloonie14 says:

    I just dont get why they even released wrath of the lich king /:
    Burning crusade was so awesome…

  19. K CGC says:

    Lol welcome to Nerdoran!

  20. Warren Ach says:

    @CosmicCake Paris isn't that bad,depends what you visit there =)

    Gotta love crepe vendors in every fucking corner of the streets LOL!