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Secret Gold Guide

Millions of people are playing warcraft at this moment and there is an endless list of new users signing up for this game and all the warcraft revolves around one thing which is WOW Gold. Blizzard has made sure that despite of the story line being almost the same; people should not lose their interest in the game. There are some secret places included in every edition of warcraft and most of the new players do not know about these places. In this discussion, I will tell you about some of such places which you have never seen before.

First thing is chicken quest which often players miss because it is little extra complicated but if you do it in a proper manner then, this can be a lot fun to attempt. You need to go to Westfield and first step is the most amazing one because you need to do chicken dance to unlock this quest. When you hit the right pattern of chicken dance then, you will get a message that the quest is unlocked. After finishing the quest feed the chicken with special feed and she will lay you an egg which will give you a special pet. Another place which most of the players don’t know about in Newman’s landing. This place has one dilapidated building and a dock. There is not much to do in this place but still it’s a secret hide out for world of warcraft new players.

Mail is another very important holding place for all of your items. Mail can hold your items for 29 days and you need to place an alt near your mail box then, mail all of your items to him. This will save your items for 29 days and after that you just hit resend mail and then it will be saved for another 29 days. Another secret which I use often is to mount up on the boat. Whenever you are landing on some coastal area in your boat then, try to reach the far edge of the boat and when you reach the edge then, just mount up. This will take you to the land before the boat lands.

Now when you talk about WOW Gold making secrets then, this is quite a hot discussion these days and everyone is behind those secret tricks but believe or not there is no easy shortcut to WOW Gold. You can earn heavy gold as the game progresses but for that, you need to very good in observations. Try to complete every quest which you see. Do not skip any of the quest and especially in the early levels because in early levels the quests are very easy and they can earn you some valuable gold coins. Try to utilize the auction house more effectively and make a good auction house strategy by placing an auctioneer in it. These tips are easy to implement but the results will depend entirely on your execution. So follow them and earn some good WOW Gold.

Secret Gold Guide

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