World of Warcraft lore lesson 17: Kil’jaeden

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20 Responses to World of Warcraft lore lesson 17: Kil’jaeden

  1. Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider says:

    I'm still waiting for a revive kil'Jaeden.

  2. EpicNinjaNerd7 says:

    Uma Thurman in: KILL JADEN (SMITH)

  3. Lj Brown says:

    I wonder if kiljaden is going to be in warlords of draneor

  4. 50RocketSky says:

    goaldan? wtf this is some bullshit

  5. David “LiveInTokyo” Svensson says:

    like this show but its not KILL Jaeden, its KIL(kieal) Jaeden

  6. wade43100 says:


  7. CGB Dumping Ground says:

    many of the lore is found in rise of the horde

  8. CGB Dumping Ground says:

    cont: archimonde's mistake was bringing the dreadlords to war, where they were vulnerable, because of this the dreadlords couldn't watch over the lich king, thats when the lich king made his move by sending arthas to defeat tichondrius when he least expected it. tichondrius' death was the downfall of the legion because he was the only one cunning enough to command the legion, hence why archimonde falls for the trap. if tichondrius lived, azeroth would be doomed.

  9. CGB Dumping Ground says:

    kil'jaeden didn't dispatch the dreadlords, archimonde did, kil'jaeden put the dreadlords under archimonde's command at that time due to the impending invasion, kil'jaeden wanted archimonde to put the dreadlords to good use to bolster their war efforts. it was archimonde who ordered them to watch over the lich king because archimonde doesn't hold favor to the dreadlords and sees them as weak so he has them do his dirty work, seeing their success, he gives them control of the scourge.

  10. Francisco Rojo says:

    u give too much information in very little time, with alot of names,
    i my self, knowing the lore had a dificult time following you, some graphs relating the names and a slower pace may make it more easy to understand
    P.S.: positive feedback, not trying to piss you off or nothing like that 😀

  11. Doronsmovies says:

    Yeah there was quite a big chunk of info in Warcraft 3. I am basing most of my lore lessons on the wowwiki, which is pretty much all of the info in 1 place.

  12. Optimizerist says:

    No i ment the information. Is it from a book ? I mean, in WC3 there was nothing about KilJaeden and stuff

  13. Doronsmovies says:

    If you mean the footage it is from Warcraft 3 campaign.

  14. Optimizerist says:

    From where is this ?

  15. Lepiz Loca says:

    And I thinked Warhammer 40.000 have long history…

  16. zizamdidan says:


  17. Lord Kil'jaeden says:

    Yes you are

  18. onedaydude says:

    so illidian almost stopped the Lich king from destruction or azeroth? with the eye? but malfurion stopped illidian, which game the Lich king the chance to absorb Arthas and continue wrecking havoc? am I correct??

  19. Doronsmovies says:

    Yeah really sorry about that, i am trying to keep these lesson shorter as much as i can especially when i talk about characters that are not too much in the game world of warcraft, i know Kiljaeden is in World of warcraft, but doesnt play such a major role as before, or as in WoW, Arthas or such.

  20. Skoll Shorties says:

    Nothing regarding the Sunwell? or are you not counting that as canon?