Sharm – I Wanna Raid (World of Warcraft Parody)

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20 Responses to Sharm – I Wanna Raid (World of Warcraft Parody)

  1. Firehex1 says:

    I don't like slow songs, but this one is nice =) GJ, Sharm .

  2. David. Vox Populi says:

    I wanna rape… :/

  3. Jacob Harback says:

    how do u have time to make all of these songs!!

  4. Sheri Gerovac says:

    I just noticed the part where she sings "energy drinks are gone, have to sleep tonight." Haha that is so me! 

  5. SadeGames says:

    Where did you find the picture? It's awesome

  6. Dan Snow says:

    Definitely going on the WoD playlist =D

  7. Lisa Mullen says:

    nice song 🙂 x

  8. Nathan Prince says:

    This is just soooo good just started to raid agen since 6 months ago. ideal song to be listening too, great lyrics and voice with soo much nostalgia great job sharm :)

  9. Miss Bipolar Ulitmate Controller says:

    you have a voice of angel XD

  10. Ember Isolte says:

    I absolutely loved this!

  11. ThamasGaming says:

    this was uploaded on my birthday but i didnt see it cause sub boxes suck ;-;

  12. SALAMI GAMES says:

    Phah,when you Lvl 60's you want to raid.But first,you need 39,24,9 gangsters;D

  13. Marvin Arbouw says:

    that moment you need to wait till wednesday for reset the raids and valor…

  14. Marko Koski says:

    there's no more raids now? how about naxxramas and trial of the crusader?

  15. Beiber is my hero says:

    Left out Dragon Soul, I like it.  Aint no body want to do that shit.

  16. LizaNmlss says:

    this is so awesome _
    re-subbed for new wow parodies <3

  17. 900mikkel says:

    You have a really good singing voice 😀 keep making these songs they allways make me smile :)

  18. Kevin Lefebvre-Audrain says:

    Am i the only one feeling like the first part of the song look like the pokemon song to remember all the names!?

  19. Miss du 08 says:

    Pas mal la manière de parler des différents raid de WoW j'adore

  20. MrLoynal says:

    really nice song, go on! should continue, plz?