Furbolg – World of Warcraft Lore

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Furbolg - World of Warcraft Lore

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20 Responses to Furbolg – World of Warcraft Lore

  1. SkullCandy4everyone says:

    Damn furbolgs look lame like a sloth man they looked cooler in warcraft3

  2. Random Engi says:

    if they become playable they can be kinda like pandaren and choose whom theylle join after reaching lvl cap and such.

  3. FearRipper74 says:

    Ideas: Ogres, Naga, Kobold, or maybe Makrura?

  4. TheBoybakalss102 says:

    If it wasnt for the Horde sabotage, the Furbolgs would've joined the Alliance. instead we gotta do the same way we have to do for the Pandaren, earn their trust. except it might take a lot of time.

  5. ZILLSARD says:

    You gotta do a video on vrykul

  6. 7718 says:


  7. Grapinator says:

    How could the furbolgs be around longer than when the titans came? Or any races for that matter because we can see that before the sundering the old gods were imprisoned, thus the titans had been there, but apparently they were around before then when the old gods were free? What about the other races like the trolls and night Elfs were they around before the titans came?

  8. SamuraiCode93 says:

    Should do Satyrs

  9. Doubleh of Meowia says:


  10. steve vansteenbrugge says:

    Why is it that some elemental lords are good and some are bad? Why do we kill Alak'ir? As far as I know, he hasn't done anything. And what's going on with neptulon? Last time we saw him, he was in his underwater palace thingy. And also, did the titans create the elemental lords? And how strong are they compared to the dragon aspects?

  11. Chewbacca Wookiee says:

    I have a little question for you. You have weird accent but your english is on UK/USA average citizen level. Where are you from?

  12. Darkzz Lord says:

    Never expected a dude from our Balkans to make these types of videos 😀 respect you very much and hope that you find success in doing this 

  13. Henrik Vigda says:

    I don't want to be mean, but when you say "Third War"…

  14. Gale Frostbane says:

    Saurok or Taunka!

  15. Mulz'tar Gaming says:

    Your voice makes these videos more awesome! You should do Core Hounds next!

  16. Grant Holland says:

    Who kidnapped Varion during the first two expansions His early story kind of confuses me?

  17. Eliphas says:

    Hey Doron, Love your videos but I have a question,
    What are your thoughs and opinions of the WoD ending?

  18. the master baiter says:

    If you wanna do a more civilized race's lore, can you do gnomes?

  19. Jonathon Thomas says:

    So has anyone found out what blood kilrogg drank I've been thinking archmonde tbh

  20. Goncalo Pereira says:

    You explain the lore that many people forget or it's hard to research. Keep up the good work!