Blizzard’s next-gen MMO TITAN part 2

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Part 3 of my Blizzard Titan series, addressing the rumors about Activison and bungie being involved mysteriously in this whole thing! Blizzard Titan is rumor…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Secret Gold Guide

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25 Responses to Blizzard’s next-gen MMO TITAN part 2

  1. bubu mic says:

    Borderlands 1 and 2 is better 😛 For now…

  2. kaleb smith says:

    and a carbine

  3. Ragnabyte says:

    In early alpha, the detail-level of a game is completely irrelevant and
    unrelated to whatever the final product will look like. Assets are easily
    replaced later, once they settle for a final appearance of the game.

  4. Daud Galapchev says:

    It’s a past-futuristic game; the backgrounds are from the past; the NPCs
    and characters are from the future… at least according to the pictures
    (photos) you showed.

  5. pyscho86 says:

    this pictures are all shit and titan is never gonna be a futuristc game u
    scumbad of shit LOOOL

  6. Japa Arthur says:

    I’m sorry Blizzard, but Bethesda games’ TESO will be so much better than

  7. TheRetroZombie says:

    Looks like shit.

  8. Next Life says:

    its mostly halo….

  9. 郭 达甫 says:

    Is this fake?

  10. DurexDurpaneu2 says:

    Now I’m rly fucking curious about this new mmo or what ever it is now,
    since they prolly changed it like 4 times by now lol.

  11. Morpheuz1000 says:

    next gen mmo das ich nicht lache blizzard hat zwar ein sehr erfolgreiches
    mmo rausgebracht aber bestimmt kein gutes wow war auch nur ein rollenspiel
    für anfänger. Blizzard is the beginning of the end of good mmo’s

  12. Son Goku says:

    Sinnloses Video.

  13. Awesomeville says:

    yeah but then again theres a speculation that blizzard was sold to
    activison which is also the publisher for bungie/halo and some ex-bungie
    graphic designers are now working for blizzard but then again Blizz said
    its a completely new IP, it might have some graphic similarities to halo

  14. pAdoonky says:

    blizzard sucks

  15. ReptialianOverLord says:

    G.I.JOE Online … Big fucking fail @ Blizz

  16. Dolby65 says:

    grandma´s ass look better then this…

  17. Ray Liu says:


  18. Ronald Dickerson says:

    of course its not the game name, anyone who knows anything about blizzard
    knows how they code name every game, for instance they called Diablo 3
    “hydra” or Starcraft 2 “medusa”.

  19. NerokNermal says:

    These are pictures of what was going to be a halo mmo before they scraped
    the idea. This is not from Titan.

  20. TheJonkopoppers says:

    Guys ….. we had World of Warcraft i bet this is going to be Universe of

  21. Awesomeville says:

    yep these images are only for the purpose of showing what a potentional
    MMOFPS would look like

  22. Girizcool says:

    I agree a lot of this crap looks like Halo.

  23. schoolyardxgamerz says:


  24. TheValkyron says:

    fuuck. why wont bizzard show any reall content or work progress on that game

  25. Erebus2075 says: