Bajheera – “Nefarian” BWL 8th [FINAL] BOSS – Level 60 Warrior “Vanilla” Gameplay

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Bajheera -

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20 Responses to Bajheera – “Nefarian” BWL 8th [FINAL] BOSS – Level 60 Warrior “Vanilla” Gameplay

  1. Eric Aurich says:

    rip nos

  2. Falcore75 says:

    You guys should try a Vanilla Private server!

  3. Leslie Gingerich says:

    You guys still doing legit level 60 raids Jackson?

  4. Rune Solberg says:

    been playing on Nostalrius- a 5 man dungon is harder then this

  5. Øximør says:

    Sorry I'm not very good at English, you know what server is turned on this video? Thank you for your answer :)

  6. Matteo Sombrios says:

    Crazy to see how much this game has changed. I quit WoW while my guild was working on Neferian what seems like a million years ago. Just couldn't do 6+ hour runs with 40 people to MAYBE get a piece of gear or two. After I started drinking beer during the raids just to make it tolerable I figured maybe it was time to call it quits ha…

  7. Manney YT says:

    How did you make your interface disappear before you took a screenshot?

  8. Stardrinkerx says:

    Modern tanking dont know about the vanilla rage starvation on first phase of this fight when sunder was your best/only generator for threat and chewed a mountain of rage.

  9. Chris Wavy says:

    Use wraith tmog

  10. Greg Richardson says:

    Are you gonna go 70s then 80s raid Baj? Would love to see you going through wrath :D

  11. Khoot Jenkins says:

    Well played

  12. Exdayl says:

    "Wow, thats guy's huge"
    "That's what she said"

  13. incognito666z says:

    pls do more low level raids. do the tbc ones to! :)

  14. Devin Underwood says:

    Was that soda shitting a brick in the background?

  15. Peter Hodn says:

    0:52 "big dmg here " – Hotted – look at recount LOL

  16. Gazpalli says:

    I still remember having to go farm onyxia to make cloaks so you wouldn't get fully engulfed by his flames and burn to death. Happy times.

  17. Hunter Cade Gray says:

    What add on did you use/get to make your nameplates and damage/healing numbers look like that? Could someone help me please?

  18. Joseph Laurich says:

    Bajheera You look insanely board :P

  19. Beastus says:

    Chance Shouting like crazy 😀 Angrycat

  20. Noppa says:

    16k hp and lvl 60, Damn thats like TBC HP was..