★ Project Titan #3 : New Blizzard MMO – Release Date, eSports, and PvP

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The “Project Titan” MMO is said to be focused heavily on an eSports atmosphere. How can an MMORPG pull off this sort of competition? Is a PvP centered game t…

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25 Responses to ★ Project Titan #3 : New Blizzard MMO – Release Date, eSports, and PvP

  1. Ernesto Santos says:

    None of these mmos can be a real esport with out balance. Mmos at its base
    is if you spend more time playing and farming…you win..

  2. MrSquigglies says:

    If anyone tells me the music at 4:15 i will love you forever

  3. plashtai toka says:

    Dem hengest faces!

  4. Scott McNally says:

    Honestly……. ppl give WoW too much credit. WoW was released with such
    particular timing that it trumped all other games. DAOC was in its decline.
    EverQuest was well…. Everquest and it was boring and non competative.
    DAOC started to really bring competative MMO to the forefront. Most ppl
    would arguably say UO was the big competative MMO but I played both and I
    have played DAOC, WoW, Warhammer Online, back to WoW, SWTOR, Back to WOW.
    Consistent Failure is why the MMO genre is owned by WoW

  5. Victor Mares says:

    forgot none of their voices match their face…

  6. LycanOps says:

    Your town is wrecked SON! Your town is on FIRE! how do you feel about that?

  7. m1n1s1nk says:

    item based games can not be a esport it has to be a skill based game.
    players have to make the best weapons and armor.

  8. Gakgaming says:

    Who’s the guy without a cam? He has by far the best understanding of what’s
    being done on the mmo market of all the other panel members.

  9. Munchies romero says:

    e sport is like big competitions for video games

  10. MrAros93 says:

    song at 1:00 plz

  11. freshaca3 says:

    oh, so you’re gonna discuss something none of you have any information
    about? gl with that

  12. Gakgaming says:

    best comment ever. Shows how important e-sports really is in the gaming
    comunity. ahhahahahah

  13. koky5150 says:

    The one person talking most of the time doesn’t have a webcam…lol

  14. ilv4nos says:

    Blizzard blows get hacked more thanks

  15. Eudi Germosen says:

    Hengest is staring into our souls!!

  16. Scott McNally says:

    pls excuse spelling errors

  17. Marc Brink says:

    Can somebody tell me what to song is at 4:00?

  18. rasmus baj says:

    Cromar get a cam

  19. ArtsAndSkate4Life says:

    Yay Cromar!

  20. Tyler Strong says:

    I totally agree with what cromar said about the PvP. More traveling/less
    queuing up

  21. MEHHAPPIFACE says:

    WoW is still on top of the MMO genre. Blizzard is still the only
    development company that has done it right. so, WoW does get the credit it
    deserves, otherwise another game would have already unseated it from the
    “MMO Throne”

  22. TobiIsAGoodBoy1 says:

    League of Legends i believe launched without a ladder. Now its the most
    played game in the world..(per hour relative to player numbers) and the
    fact that the core of the game almost the entire game really is free. so
    its possible but dam near improbable.

  23. Larious says:


  24. yock37 says:

    end game bro it evens out

  25. kasakuie says:

    With all the good idea’s these TGN guys where throwing around they should
    take over one of the game developers and make one. Dont get me wrong Im not
    trying to troll or hate. It was good ideas and i do feel they should design
    a game.